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Athlete Food: Cardamom Pancakes

In preparation for my half ironman last weekend, I did my first ever carb load. This involved eating a huge breakfast the day before the race. My coach wanted me to eat pancakes, eggs, toast…the works. When I arrived in Florida, I loaded up on carbs at Publix and was psyched to find a box of frozen gluten-free pancakes. The next morning, when it was time to eat this big breakfast, disappointment set in. I opened the box of pancakes to find them pale and crumbly. Cooking them in my hotel room microwave made them spongy. I had to dump half a jar of honey on my sad stack of pancakes to disguise the blandness. As I was choking down almost entire box in order to meet the requisite number of carbs, I thought, never again.

Why not just make my own pancakes, freeze them, and pack them in my travel bag? That would make for a much more pleasant carb load. So when I returned to NY after my trip to Florida, I spent one of my recovery days filling my freezer with flavorful, golden brown pancakes. I started with gluten-free pancake mix and added a teaspoon of freshly ground cardamom for an extra flavor punch. Amy couldn’t get enough of them so we sat down and enjoyed a midday breakfast in bed. 


BYO Cardamom Pancakes


  • Start with a good gluten-free pancake mix (we recommend purely elizabeth because of its unique blend of flours, but if you can’t find it, Bob’s Red Mill pancake mix is also a favorite)
  • Cook according to package directions, substituting melted coconut oil for vegetable oil, both in the mix and for cooking.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of ground cardamom to the batter. You can buy cardamom ground already or grind your own. Whole Foods sells jars of whole cardamom seeds already out of the pod. I bought these and ground them in an old coffee grinder. 
  • Store in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag in the freezer.  


  • Remove a stack of frozen pancakes from the freezer and cover them with tin foil. Put this in a Ziploc bag. 
  • Toss the pancake bag into your travel bag right before leaving for the airport. 


Ironman 70.3 Florida 

If prize money were given out for best leg FinisherPix, I may have won some.

I want to thank everyone along the course – spectators and other athletes – for your support on the run course of last weekend’s Florida 70.3. Although I only finished in 7th place, your encouragement not only helped me finish the race, but it led me to experience something that will be very valuable as I continue to figure out this long distance racing thing. 

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New Orleans 70.3 - 4th Place

I had such a good experience racing the Olympic Distance (5150) race in New Orleans that I decided to book a flight back two weeks later for the 70.3 race.  It wasn't on my schedule, but I knew I was ready to race a longer distance and I was offered a free hotel (thank you Oschner!) which would allow me to stay an extra few nights to see the city.  New Orleans is a fascinating place and with our great friend and native New Orleanian Rod being in town to show me the city, I knew I would have to go back!  


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Athlete Food: Cherry Lime Mini Macaroons

Growing up, our dad would always keep a canister of macaroons in the pantry at our house on Mastenbrook Place. Laurel would dig into them after school or after swim practice. But the sticky sweetness of these cookies was never my thing. I preferred for Fudge Stripes or Deluxe Grahams (which we also always had in stock). 

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Athlete Food: Kiwi Avocado Protein Smoothie

Since moving to Southern California last spring, I've been refueling after workouts with fresh fruit smoothies. It's just what everyone here does. 
Although I'll always be a New Yorker at heart, I've swapped out my morning buttered bagel for a healthy dose of fruit and protein.

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Red Hook Crit 5k Photos

Thanks to Oliver Bencosme for this amazing photo. 

Can you spot the triathlete? 



New Orleans 5150 - 4th Place

At the beginning of last week I got knocked out by a cold/flu for a few days and decided that the race I planned to do, Oceanside 70.3, wasn't meant to be.  I wasn't going to be ready for a long, hard race after sitting on the couch for three days.  After I started to feel a bit better on Thursday, I decided - against the advice of my coach- to race a shorter distance race in New Orleans.

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Red Hook Crit 5k

The Red Hook Crit. This was the craziest sporting event I've ever been to and probably the craziest I've ever participated in. The main event, the bike race, consisted of 22 lap criterium on a technical course around the docks in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was pouring rain. It was dark. People were racing fixed gear bikes, with NO BRAKES.

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