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Athlete Food has expanded and now has it's very own website. Please check  for the latest healthy fueling ideas, quick nutrient-dense recipes or if you're just wondering what it's like to eat like an athlete

What is Athlete Food?

Athlete food is a collection of recipes for active people, created by athletes and designed for the inner athlete in all of us. We all wish we could eat whatever we want, whenever we want. But eating a breakfast burrito before a morning spin class or a BLT before a tennis match or skipping lunch before a mom and me swim class…none of these things make us feel our best. Believe us, we’ve been there. With over 10 years of competing behind us, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out what foods work and which leave us wondering, "Why did I eat that?"

We started this blog, along with our good friend and food writer, Melissa, to share our experiences with fueling an active lifestyle. Our friends and family wanted to know: What do you eat before a workout? How do you refuel? How do you fit cooking into your jam-packed schedules? The short answer is REAL food – not just boiled chicken breasts and packaged energy bars – and a lot of it! Take a look at our recipes and you’ll see that we indulge in sweets, we experiment with the latest superfoods, and we pack as many nutrients as we can into our healthy dinners.


Sarah's IronGirl Columbia Race Report 

Guestblogger Sarah joins us today with her report from IronGirl Columbia. We couldn't be prouder of our little sis for fighting her way to a second place OVERALL finish. Just how did she pull that off? Continue reading to find out. --Laurel and Bec

IronGirl Columbia Race Report

As I stood among a sea of women in multi-colored caps, I couldn’t have been more pumped to race. It had been nearly a year since I entered a triathlon. But after a (mostly) successful few months of training–uninterrupted by injury or illness—I was confident and excited about  this race. Besides, I’d always wanted to complete an Irongirl. No time like, uh, right now.

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Norway 70.3 Open-Faced Salmon Avocado Sandwich 

It turns out my trip to Norway last month got me more than just a $2750 novelty-sized check. The points I earned by finishing in second place qualified me for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships coming up on September 5. Competing in this race was one of my biggest goals for this season so I’m pretty excited to be given the opportunity to line up against the world’s best in Mont Tremblant, Quebec in a few weeks.

I was only in Norway for a few days, but I did my best to take in as much as I could. Most of my sightseeing was done during the 56 mile bike leg of the race. The scenery was stunning with winding roads and views of fjords around every corner. Even though we were way out in the countryside, there were local fans at top of every rise, cheering on everyone who rode by. It was cold and rainy, so the fans were bundled up in parkas and gloves. I stuck out as the crazy American racing in a bathing suit! Even though it was mid-July, this was not beach weather.

photo from

As for the food, everywhere I went, I saw open faced smoked fish sandwiches. I even had one (without the bread) the night before the race…and then the next morning I ran my fastest half marathon in years (1:23). Now that I’m back in training for this big race, I’ve been fueling with my own version of a Norwegian salmon sandwich, in hopes that it will power me to another top finish.


Open-Faced Salmon Avocado Sandwich


2 slices multi-grain bread

1/2 avocado, sliced

2-3 slices of smoked salmon

sliced cucumber 

fresh dill

How to Assemble:

Layer avocado slices on bread and mash down with a fork,

Top with a few slices of smoked salmon, a few slices of cucumber and some fresh dill.

Finish with a few grinds of pepper. 



Fall Race Schedule

We've made some updates to our schedule for the second half of the season. Check out the third race on the list. That would be an Ironman for BOTH twins. Bec's first! 

Photo by LJW. Bec running up the driveway after a day or Ironman training.


New York City Tri: another 4th!

It's not exactlty the result of dreams, but 4th at the New York City Triathlon is actually better than I expected out of myself.  Being so close to the podium (8 seconds in the end) was tough but the race and the day still remain one of the best of the year.  It's the day that so many New Yorkers participate, cheer, and just notice triathlon. It is like a party (one that starts at 5:50am and pours rain during) seeing so many friends and getting so much support and good vibes from fellow New Yorkers.  

I went into the race just reminding myself of that.  Have fun, enjoy every moment and push yourself as hard as you can go.  It had only been five weeks since my ironman and a busy five weeks.  All good things (filming a video for Mercedes-Benz, a hard bike race, a certain new piece of jewelry) but I hadn't quite given myself a chance to really put my feet up and relax.  Next time I will know to plan some time on the beach after an ironman!  I felt terrible in training for about 4 of those weeks.  I almost wanted to give up and quit when I got dropped up a climb I usually have to wait for minutes at the top of.  Swimming was even difficult because my quads would scream out in pain everytime I pushed off the wall.  I had to take a step back and respect what I had put my body through: an ironman and then a very difficult bike race.  I realized it was ok if I took a little break from the "epic" workouts.  Instead of a 5 hour ride, I did 3.  Instead of a transition run I walked around an art fair.   And, what do you know...three days before the NYC Tri I was on the bike trainer and my legs suddenly felt normal.  I went for a run and I could actually go at a fast pace.  It was such a relief!

Still, I knew I was taking a big risk coming into a race against some of the top girls in the sport somewhat underprepared physically.  Not ideal, but I have learned that it's nearly impossible to have perfect preparation.  I dove into the Hudson and did exactly what I planned on doing - made every stroke count and made the most out of every minute on the race course.  I was so focused I didn't even realize it was pouring rain on the bike until halfway through it!  My only lapse in focus was the few seconds I wasted trying to put shoes on after the swim.  I ulitmately gave up and ran barefoot to my bike but that little bit of time changed the dynamic of the race.  Instead of riding with the pack ahead I spent the whole time chasing.  I ended up having a great ride anyway and put myself in a good position for a podium but lost a battle on the 10k run with Jill Peterson.  She ended up 8 seconds ahead of me for 3rd.  Despite a 4th place, I can't really be too upset.  I didn't let any fears get in my way and I pushed myself well beyond what I thought I was capable of.  I feel like every race has a lesson and in this one it was: Never give up.  I did everything I could to get to that finish line as fast as possible and I'm pretty proud of that!  

When I was finished and cooling down I saw plenty of other people doing the same thing.  There were so many tough people out there, and for anyone reading this who raced, you should be proud of yourselves too!  

Thank you to everyone cheering me on out there and thank you to my sponsors.  My legs might have been tired but all of my equipment was PERFECT!  THANK YOU! 

Next up is the Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines.  



Getting strong

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

This morning - two days after the NYC Tri (race report soon!) - I had the opportunity to go to the new Reebok store in Union Square for a hardcore strength workout.  It's not typically something I'd be doing so soon after a race, but I didn't want to miss the chance to check out the store and the work out.  We do so much of the same type of training (swimming, biking and running) so this was a great chance for me to find out what the strength/circuit/cross-fit type classes are all about.  Reebok set up an event (an early morning workout is just my style!) and invited fitness bloggers in the city to attend and spread the word about the new store, the classes they offer and a new running shoe they just released.  

Checkout this video to see more about the shoes.  

As for the workout- it was great!  We were led by the professional strength coaches from J2Fit.  For the grand opening of the store there are events through August with leading fitness pros, and they are all FREE!  Check out the selection here.  They are also doing a bunch of contests and raffles, so it's definitely worth a visit.  

So, back to the training - I was very store and a bit nervous, but we went through a good warm up that loosened me up a bit.  We then did a circuit with push-ups, kettlebell squats and row/twist planks.  We did each of those stations 3 times for 1 minute each.  After a short break, we went into a "relay" - something I could possibly be good at!  I soon realized that it's actually very hard to do burpees fast.  Especially after squats, a medicine ball throw down and mountain climbers.  The coaches and my fellow classmates very helpful and encouraging and cheered each other on.  I was exhausted by the end but felt great.  I can't wait to go back for more!




An Athlete Food Favorite: The Summer Power Bowl


This protein-packed Power Bowl has been my go-to dinner all summer.  It's a refreshing way to refuel after spending the day outside in the sun training or beaching or doing some other summer activity. That kind of day where you're too hot to even think about turing the stove on to cook dinner.  

When I first made this bowl, I had just completed a 5 hour day of training (5k swim, bike intervals and a track workout). I opened the refrigerator, took out every source of protein I could find and set them out on the counter. Instead of eating everything in sight, I selected a combination of things that seemed to go together. I chose spinach, smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs and mozzarella cheese. I put back the items that would clash with these flavors. The extra nutrients weren't worth making my bowl go from appetizing to a weird mash up only a starving athlete would eat. Wondering what I turned down? A stinky cheese, leftover bison taco meat, hummus. I also put back the bacon, only because it wasn't cooked.

I piled all of the proteins, plus some small tomatoes and raw corn, in a big bowl. I topped it with a little olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice, a few slices of jalepeno (for a little heat) and some salt and pepper. For most of us, this salad alone isn't enough. Some nights I eat a portion double the size of the one in the picture. If I've I have it on hand, I'll serve the Bowl with our Beet the Competition chilled soup. And, of course, a trip to get ice cream wouldn't be out of the question (seriously!)

So next time you go shopping, put these items in the cart so that you can throw together a healthy dinner in minutes. 

Spinach or kale (I've used large spinach leaves from our CSA, but chopped kale also works)

eggs (hard boil a bunch at a time when you have a free minute, then store them in the refrigerator)

smoked salmon

cherry tomatoes

mozzarella cheese (for ease, buy the little balls of bocconcini)


an ear or two of corn (shuck them, then cut the kernels off and store in a container. eat raw)

sunflower seeds

As you can see from my instagrams, the bowl's vegetables vary each time I make it, depending on what's in the fridge. 






Photos: @athletestyle's Instagram Feed


I like to catch my favorite moment of each day on Instagram. Sometimes that's a workout. Sometimes it's something delicious that I ate or a cute pet or baby. And sometimes it's just a beautiful scene.


ps: if you click on the slideshow above, you can see me entire feed (with all the captions and comments).