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Neversink Invitational Race Report

Here's my Garmin File

This past weekend, Laurel and I had the honor of participating in the Neversink Invitational in the Catskills. We don't usually do bike road races, but this one was hard to resist: 65 miles, 4 big climbs, all on our familiar training routes in the Catskills. The other draw: the Neversink Invitation is a David Trimble production…remember the Red Hook Crit? I had a feeling that even without rain and darkness, this day would be epic.

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Seeded First Cookies

Treats happen, especially in the weeks after big races. Wins call for celebratory sweets; losses require comfort food. Either way, the key for Laurel and Rebeccah at this midpoint in the triathlon season is to make sure the post-race treats don’t sabotage their three-a-day training sessions.

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We think this makes a cute cover...puns and all!


Le Tour Snacks

Wondering what pro athletes eat while watching other pro athletes compete? We admit to eating chips and beer while watching football games, but when it comes to watching cyclists tackle grueling stages of the Tour de France, we turn to healthier snacks.

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purely elizabeth Challenge

We've got a few breakthroughs to celebrate around here - Laurel's first iron distance win at Challenge Atlantic City and the launch of our supporter purely elizabeth's granola into Target stores nationwide. 

We want you all to get in on the celebration so we have a little challenge for you. Leave us a comment telling us who's who in this picture. We'll select one winner randomly from the correct guesses and send you FOUR bags of purely elizabeth granola.  

Thanks to filmmaker Brady Welch for the photo - it's from the shoot we did last week for the an upcoming film for Mercedes. It's gonna be a good one, so stay tuned!



Challenge Atlantic City Champion!!

 It is still a little hard for me to believe that I'm writing a race report about winning an ironman.  I never doubted my ability to be successful at longer races, but I have learned that a lot of things have to come together in order for a race to be won.  (see all of those 4ths and 5th places...)  I had a great day at the Challenge Atlantic City race and I believe it was due to a combination of hard training, incredible supporters, and believing in myself.  Oh, and a little luck - it was Atlantic City after all!

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Athlete Food: Savory Breakfast/RadishToast

Today is one of those days. Wake up, eat, work out, eat, work out again, eat again, work out for a third time, and finally eat a full-sized meal. I started off with a big bowl of oats with a banana, protein powder, with some homemade apple sauce mixed in. During my first workout, a two hour bike trainer ride, I drank two bottles of sports drink and had a gel. After rides like this the last thing I feel like eating afterwards is anything sugary. Enter the savory second breakfast. 


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Philly Tri - Another podium!

Another podium!  The Philadelphia Triathlon (Philly Tri) is one of my top two favorite days of the year.  It is a great atmosphere, with a nearly hometown crowd and a challenging yet fast course.  This year with all of the schedule changes I was forced to train through this race.  Not my ideal situation but I also was sick all week so figured that would sort of stand in as a taper?  I had no idea what to expect on race day but figured if I just did my thing and didn't make any mistakes then I'd do fine.  


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