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Le Tour Snacks

Wondering what pro athletes eat while watching other pro athletes compete? We admit to eating chips and beer while watching football games, but when it comes to watching cyclists tackle grueling stages of the Tour de France, we turn to healthier snacks. Out are the “hint of lime” chips with salsa and in are a sliced, seeded baguette and a homemade beet yogurt dip. Refreshing ginger lemon cocktails replace bottles of Sierra Nevada.  

After a long day of training on Wednesday (a run on the NYC Triathlon Course in Central Park, a hard master swim class, and a strength workout at FusionPT), Bec and I pulled ourselves together for early evening snacks, while watching a recap of the day’s Tour events with friends.

Here’s what we ate:

Fresh Fruit: strawberries, blueberries, sliced apricots

Nuts: salted cashews, walnuts

Two different French Cheese

Sliced New York State Wheat baguette from Amy’s Bread

A stack of freshly picked collared greens**

Beet Yogurt Dip (Bec whipped up this recipe between our run and our swim. She had it done and packed into a plastic container before I even had time to take off my sweaty running clothes)

Hummus (store-bought!)

Vogues chocolate bar


Ginger Lemon Cocktails = Domaine de Canton ginger liquer + Soda Stream Seltzer + a squeeze of lemon


**this was the gluten-free option for Bec. I was totally skeptical, but collard greens make a sturdy and crunchy wrap.






purely elizabeth Challenge

We've got a few breakthroughs to celebrate around here - Laurel's first iron distance win at Challenge Atlantic City and the launch of our supporter purely elizabeth's granola into Target stores nationwide. 

We want you all to get in on the celebration so we have a little challenge for you. Leave us a comment telling us who's who in this picture. We'll select one winner randomly from the correct guesses and send you FOUR bags of purely elizabeth granola.  

Thanks to filmmaker Brady Welch for the photo - it's from the shoot we did last week for the an upcoming film for Mercedes. It's gonna be a good one, so stay tuned!



Challenge Atlantic City Champion!!

 It is still a little hard for me to believe that I'm writing a race report about winning an ironman.  I never doubted my ability to be successful at longer races, but I have learned that a lot of things have to come together in order for a race to be won.  (see all of those 4ths and 5th places...)  I had a great day at the Challenge Atlantic City race and I believe it was due to a combination of hard training, incredible supporters, and believing in myself.  Oh, and a little luck - it was Atlantic City after all!

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Athlete Food: Savory Breakfast/RadishToast

Today is one of those days. Wake up, eat, work out, eat, work out again, eat again, work out for a third time, and finally eat a full-sized meal. I started off with a big bowl of oats with a banana, protein powder, with some homemade apple sauce mixed in. During my first workout, a two hour bike trainer ride, I drank two bottles of sports drink and had a gel. After rides like this the last thing I feel like eating afterwards is anything sugary. Enter the savory second breakfast. 


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Philly Tri - Another podium!

Another podium!  The Philadelphia Triathlon (Philly Tri) is one of my top two favorite days of the year.  It is a great atmosphere, with a nearly hometown crowd and a challenging yet fast course.  This year with all of the schedule changes I was forced to train through this race.  Not my ideal situation but I also was sick all week so figured that would sort of stand in as a taper?  I had no idea what to expect on race day but figured if I just did my thing and didn't make any mistakes then I'd do fine.  


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Philly Tri Race Report - Bec

photo by Kerry Foley.

A fifth place finish at the Philly Tri on Sunday: not exactly what I hoped for. It just wasn't my day. But it is hard to be disappointed about the race because Laurel finished on the podium AND because the my frustrations were dwarfed by the overall fun atmosphere of the race. The weather was perfect, the Tri-Rock series puts on a great show, and we were surrounded by superfans. 

What Happened


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Father's Day Fruit Salad 

My dad’s signature dish is fruit salad. He makes a big bowl of it for every family gathering. It's always the most popular item on the table and there are never any leftovers.

After a long day of babysitting and racing at Eagleman 70.3.When it comes to fruit, my dad has high standards. He grew up in my grandfather’s grocery store in Brooklyn, and as a result he has an innate sense of picking out the freshest fruit.

He’ll go to three different stores to track down his fruit. He individually selects the juiciest apricots, the sweetest melons, and pineapple that tastes like it came from a roadside stand in Hawaii. If he comes home with a bag of cherries, every last one is perfectly crisp, no soft or rotten ones to pick through.

I won’t be spending father’s day with my dad this year (we spent all of last weekend together – he watched Amy during my half ironman!), but I will be making a fruit salad. I plan on serving it with yogurt as a healthy dessert option. Happy Father's Day!  --Bec


Father's Day Fruit Salad

What to Buy

Fruit: Go for quality and variety. Choose a selection of the fruit that looks the best.

Yogurt: A large container. Since it’s a holiday, splurge on something locally made, full-fat and luxuriously thick and creamy, like Wallaby Vanilla Bean.

How To

Cut the fruit in uniform pieces and don’t mix it up. I keep each fruit separate, either by using a sectioned platter or in a large, flat bowl. That way the picky people can take the fruit they like, and not fuss when an unloved fruit comes along for the ride. It cuts down on waste and stays fresher. Serve with yogurt. 



Athlete Food: Moving Day Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Kale

We've been in our new apartment one week. The pictures are hung, the important boxes are unpacked (I actually know where my Garmin charger is now) and, as of today, we have an internet connection that works. SJ, Amy, Maya, Laurel and I are all under one roof now, and the five of us are just about settled. 

Laurel arrived from the West Coast on our moving day, last Monday afternoon. She called me from the runway at Newark and the first thing she said was "I'm starving!" I had a twin hunch that this was going to be the case and was already at the grocery store when she called. I asked her what she felt like having for dinner and her response: comfort food. Pasta with red sauce. So while Laurel Uber'd her way to NYC, Amy and I picked up the makings for Laurel's special request. 

A jar of red sauce and a box of pasta were just the beginning. Looking to up the nutrient content of our dinner with out upping the prep time, I also picked up a pound of bulk spicy chicken sausage, a small onion and a handful of pre-cut kale. When I got home, I browned the sausage with the chopped onion in a dutch oven, then added the sauce. While the sauce simmered, I added the kale and let everything cook until the kale was wilted, for about 15 minutes. Right before eating, we topped the pasta with a few slices of pecorino cheese and basil leaves, which miraculously made the move from the old apartment.

We ate our first meal together using unpacked boxes as a table, in the comfort of our new home.