Swim Report: Breaking :30 in 50y Free a No Go Today

My swimming ability over the last few weeks has made me think (on many occasions):

"it's ok, maybe this season you'll just be a slower swimmer. You'll be in the second or third pack and will just have to work really hard on the bike to catch up."

But yesterday, fueled by anger and grief, I hopped into a masters swim workout that a week ago I wouldn't even consider going to. Somehow I felt good. And strong. Like I was able to control my stroke and my speed again. I *almost* felt like myself again. We did 3k, which was 1k longer than my longest workout so far, and I wasn't even tired at the end. 

Today Laurel and I went back to the pool. She had an easy swim to help her legs recover from Boston, so I followed along and after the warm up had the urge to see what I could do for a fast 50. I figured I'd swim a 31 or 32, but clocked a 30.08. I had to try again, too see if a 29 was possible. It wasn't, but I can't complain about a 30.05 for the day. 

I still need to do some solid 5k workouts to convince myself I'll be a front pack swimmer again, but seeing some speed return is making me start to believe it's possible.   


PS: my PR in 50 yard free is 25 something so I'm waaaaay off right now.  

Bike Training Update and the Scandal Challenge

For the next several weeks ALL of my M-F bike training will be on the Computrainer. First of all, it's still cold here in NY -- Canada Goose jacket cold. Secondly, as I mentioned before, I just don't have the big blocks of time in my schedule to make a quality outdoor ride happen. Especially in cold weather when getting dressed appropriately seems to take 20 minutes! 

My trainer is squeezed between a window in my bed, in the only out of the way (from a curious girl) spot I could find in the apartment. It's not a bad set up, right? Especially with this fancy new bike! 


Today's workout challenge was to see if I could stay in the aerobars for an entire episode of Scandal, which is about 49 minutes nonstop. Just to see if I could do it, and to get used to being in the aero position. It's been awhile!

I started at a warm up pace and built up to 140 (approximately Z1 effort) watts by 25 minutes, then increased to 155 by the end of the episode. None of the workout was very hard physically since I'm not at the point yet where I can push workouts, but I really wanted to sit up and change positions just for variety in that last 10 minutes. 

Go ahead and try this workout. Requirements: good tv and a comfy saddle. I just started riding the Cobb Saddles Fifty Five and love it. 


Workout Squeeze-In: 25 minute trainer ride

This morning I found myself with 30 minutes until I had to be out the door and on my way to the subway for an upper east side doctor's appointment. A 2.5 month check up where my doctor would clear me to exercise. Little did he know...

Anyway, I knew I wanted to sweat before heading uptown knowing that sometimes doctors appointments take longer than expected and I could be reading months old magazines while stewing over missing the lap lanes hour at the pool. So instead of blowing off a workout because I only had 30 minutes, I hopped on my bike for a 25 minute ride, leaving 5 minutes to shower and change.

Turns out can do a lot with 25 minutes on a bike trainer.

This is what I did:

5 minutes warm up

5x30 seconds accelerate to a high cadence / 30 100 watts

1 ez

Then two more sets of 5x30, increasing the base watts by 10

3 ez cool down

My goal for this mini workout was to re-introduce my legs to what 225 watts (my goal 40k race effort) feels like, even if I only reached that effort for 2 seconds during the entire workout.

I also wanted to flush out my legs out from yesterday's "trash your legs Tuesday" strength session at Fusion. I reached both goals, got sweaty, and made it to the doctor's office on time.

On another note, breastfeeding is making so exhausted. It should definitely be counted as a workout, right?



Of Course I'm Racing in 2016!!

Several people have asked me (or asked Laurel) if I plan on racing this year. My answer: of course!  It's what I do and what I love to do. But let me recover from having a baby first, ok? Here's what I'm dealing with: 

Inspired by professional runner Stephanie Bruce, here's what my postpartum body looks like.  

Inspired by professional runner Stephanie Bruce, here's what my postpartum body looks like.  

I've got an 8 inch incision from major abdominal surgery that needs to heal. My doctor, who's very proud of his work, has advised me to take things slowly and just cleared me to start exercising again. I have a lot of work to do to get fast again, especially after gaining the 35 pounds I needed to support my 8+ pound boy. 

BUT, I'm excited for what's to come and even though I'm another year old and have another little one to care for, I have the strongest behind the scenes support system I've ever had. I still can't believe all of the sponsors that chose to support me after I've been away from racing for almost a year. Just check out the list of logos on the righthand side of this blog. I'm so grateful for all of them. 

Now it's my turn to believe in myself and push through the hard days ahead. I'm hungry for competition, just as hungry as a newborn who eats every three hours. Speaking of which...


Plan for the Year

My plan for this year to carefully build fitness, then start racing shorter races for the first half of the season, with the goal of building up to competing in an IRONMAN (yep!) by the end of the year. 

Here are all of those ideas consolidated into a race schedule. It should be noted that ALL of this is subject to changed based on my recovery and fitness level. But the best way to reach goals is to lay out a plan, right?