1st Race Report of 2016: Indoor Sprint Triathlon


The first thought running through my head as I sat down to write this blog post was “what is this world coming to, I’m writing a race report about a super low key indoor triathlon?” And then, “shouldn’t I be writing about doing something way more sensational, like finishing a double ironman just weeks after having a baby?” 

But then I heard a loud baby eagle-like screech from an unhappy 2.5 month old coming from a few rooms over and reality hit me. This is a big deal, it’s the first step in my plan to returning to a higher level of competition. And even though it was only an 800 yard swim (in a pool), a 12.4 mile bike (on a spin bike), and a 5k run (on a treadmill), that’s a lot for any new mom - pro athlete or not - to even consider thinking about when they are taking care of a newborn round the clock. 

Here’s how things turned out:

Pre-race goals: finish on the podium, break 24 minutes for the 5k

Race Plan: swim hard, bike moderate to hard, run starting at 8 minutes per mile and pick it up if nothing hurts. Don’t do anything that causes any pain whatsoever. 


Swim: We jumped in the water and almost immediately started. I split the lane with Sarah, Leezie was in the lane next to us. As soon as we pushed off the wall, I went hard and didn’t let myself think about easing up even though I felt the lactic acid burn at the 150 mark. Ouch! It was so much fun swimming next to my sisters (other than Laurel) in a race for the first time. My time was 10:04, which is better than my 800 yard time trial from last week, but about 8 seconds per 100 off my usual time. I wore my new blueseventy swim suit (which I love) and goggles. 

T1: Between events we had 5 minutes to change. My plan was to put on my sharp new Maverick Multisport kit, but have you every tried putting on lycra on dripping wet legs. That just wasn't going to happen in under 5 minutes! Luckily, I also brought my favorite Sugoi running shorts - which were MUCH easier to put on!

Bike: We raced on spin bikes that showed watts and I tried to average about my Ironman watts, but finished up just below. I put 2+ minutes into Sarah on the bike, mostly because I tried harder and she was casually riding. Leezie, who was doing a shorter version of the race, was working hard next to me. Seeing this inspired me to push out of my comfort zone. 

Sister Duel on the Treadmill. Loving my Sugoi shorts/bathing suit combo!

Sister Duel on the Treadmill. Loving my Sugoi shorts/bathing suit combo!

Run: Sarah blew me away almost instantly. She ran her 5k PR of 19:00. I spent most of my 5k run watching Sarah’s treadmill to see what pace she was running. I was really surprised that I felt good enough to drop my pace down from 8 minutes per mile to around 7 for the last mile and finish in 23:30. This was the first run I had done this long and this “hard” and gives me a good pace to work off of in my training this week. Legs felt good, shorts fit perfectly, visor stayed on, had no scar pain. It felt like a win, even though I came in second.  

Of course, after the race, I started looking up other races to enter almost immediately. I’m officially re-hooked on the sport of triathlon…and I probably wouldn’t be thinking that way if I just finished a double ironman :)


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