Swim Report: Breaking :30 in 50y Free a No Go Today

My swimming ability over the last few weeks has made me think (on many occasions):

"it's ok, maybe this season you'll just be a slower swimmer. You'll be in the second or third pack and will just have to work really hard on the bike to catch up."

But yesterday, fueled by anger and grief, I hopped into a masters swim workout that a week ago I wouldn't even consider going to. Somehow I felt good. And strong. Like I was able to control my stroke and my speed again. I *almost* felt like myself again. We did 3k, which was 1k longer than my longest workout so far, and I wasn't even tired at the end. 

Today Laurel and I went back to the pool. She had an easy swim to help her legs recover from Boston, so I followed along and after the warm up had the urge to see what I could do for a fast 50. I figured I'd swim a 31 or 32, but clocked a 30.08. I had to try again, too see if a 29 was possible. It wasn't, but I can't complain about a 30.05 for the day. 

I still need to do some solid 5k workouts to convince myself I'll be a front pack swimmer again, but seeing some speed return is making me start to believe it's possible.   


PS: my PR in 50 yard free is 25 something so I'm waaaaay off right now.  

Rebeccah WassnerComment