Only 22 minutes to Ride? We Got This!

What Amy does with nearly folded piles of laundry.  

What Amy does with nearly folded piles of laundry.  

The workout:  

5 minutes seated warm up

5 minutes aero slightly harder than warm up

5 x 1 big gear/low cadence over 200 watts

      1 high cadence spin over 100 watts  

2 minutes cool down  

This morning I had exactly 22 minutes from the time our nanny arrived to take over Amy duties until Des was due to eat. And I was determined to make good use of it. I've found that if I don't take advantage of these mini time slots to sneak in a workout, a good portion of the day could go by without getting any "work" done. And with training for triathlons, it's hard to fit 2-3 workouts into a day of you don't start until 10:30 am. 

Part of me wanted to just coast for 20 minutes since I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone the last 4 days. But after a 5 minute warm up I felt good enough to put in some hard efforts: short, low cadence intervals where I could focus on my pedal stroke while building strength in the aero position. The hard part of the workout was only 10 minutes long, but it was enough to leave me drenched in sweat with my legs feeling the burn, but not too exhausted to face the rest of the morning. See the laundry project above. 



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