Micro Swim: An accidental 800 yard Swim TT


My plan for the next several weeks is to not workout for more than 60 minutes at a time. Sounds like a great way it to keep me from overdoing my scar healing, but the reality is that I don't have big chunks of time to dedicate to any one thing right now. Des's every three hours hungry cries (like clockwork) mean squeezing things in here and there - doctors appointments, PR sessions, meals, naps (ha ha, yeah right), etc. 

So with this limited time, micro training sessions it is. And that's not a bad thing. You can actually get in quality training in shorter periods of time if you make each session count.

I go into a micro workout with a specific goal of two in mind. Otherwise, I'd probably say what's the point of doing this 10 minute run. The goals don't have to be set the world on fire goals. For example, today my purpose in jumping in the pool for a 20 minute swim was to test out my new goggles and swim cap (thanks to new sponsor blueseventy) before my indoor tri this weekend. I jumped in and started swimming and, to my surprise, the goggles felt great and didn't need any additional adjustments. My arms felt ok too do I decided to see if I could do an 800 at a good effort since that's the distance of this weekend's tri. I clocked a 10:57. Something like 1:21 pace. Nothing fast, but I now know my goggles won't leak and I can make the distance in the race this weekend.