Workout Squeeze-In: 25 minute trainer ride

This morning I found myself with 30 minutes until I had to be out the door and on my way to the subway for an upper east side doctor's appointment. A 2.5 month check up where my doctor would clear me to exercise. Little did he know...

Anyway, I knew I wanted to sweat before heading uptown knowing that sometimes doctors appointments take longer than expected and I could be reading months old magazines while stewing over missing the lap lanes hour at the pool. So instead of blowing off a workout because I only had 30 minutes, I hopped on my bike for a 25 minute ride, leaving 5 minutes to shower and change.

Turns out can do a lot with 25 minutes on a bike trainer.

This is what I did:

5 minutes warm up

5x30 seconds accelerate to a high cadence / 30 100 watts

1 ez

Then two more sets of 5x30, increasing the base watts by 10

3 ez cool down

My goal for this mini workout was to re-introduce my legs to what 225 watts (my goal 40k race effort) feels like, even if I only reached that effort for 2 seconds during the entire workout.

I also wanted to flush out my legs out from yesterday's "trash your legs Tuesday" strength session at Fusion. I reached both goals, got sweaty, and made it to the doctor's office on time.

On another note, breastfeeding is making so exhausted. It should definitely be counted as a workout, right?