Bike Training Update and the Scandal Challenge

For the next several weeks ALL of my M-F bike training will be on the Computrainer. First of all, it's still cold here in NY -- Canada Goose jacket cold. Secondly, as I mentioned before, I just don't have the big blocks of time in my schedule to make a quality outdoor ride happen. Especially in cold weather when getting dressed appropriately seems to take 20 minutes! 

My trainer is squeezed between a window in my bed, in the only out of the way (from a curious girl) spot I could find in the apartment. It's not a bad set up, right? Especially with this fancy new bike! 


Today's workout challenge was to see if I could stay in the aerobars for an entire episode of Scandal, which is about 49 minutes nonstop. Just to see if I could do it, and to get used to being in the aero position. It's been awhile!

I started at a warm up pace and built up to 140 (approximately Z1 effort) watts by 25 minutes, then increased to 155 by the end of the episode. None of the workout was very hard physically since I'm not at the point yet where I can push workouts, but I really wanted to sit up and change positions just for variety in that last 10 minutes. 

Go ahead and try this workout. Requirements: good tv and a comfy saddle. I just started riding the Cobb Saddles Fifty Five and love it.