The Perfect Salad Bowl

If I’m going to eat salad for dinner, I’m going to need to eat a lot of it.  And, to eat a lot of salad, I need a huge bowl, one big enough to hold four or five fistfuls of greens, grains, vegetables, and protein.

Laurel and I began the big bowl search a few weeks ago at Crate & Barrel. There, we nixed cereal, ice cream, and pasta bowls. They would work for a lunch-sized portion or a bowl of pasta. But one of our enormous dinner salads would easily overflow. We also passed on the mixing and serving bowls, since they were too deep.

Last week, we walked over to Bowery Kitchen Supply, a restaurant supply shop in Chelsea Market, and we immediately found the perfect bowl: a restaurant-sized pasta dish. It’s flat on the bottom and has only a few inches of depth—perfect for even distribution of the salad ingredients, without the dressing pooling at the bottom.  The bowl has some bulk to it, so we only bought a few, mentally measuring how many we could each fit in our small NYC kitchens.