Heat Wave

Surviving this heat wave has meant some early, early bike rides (on the bike at 5:00am) and lots of indoor running. Swimming has been the one relief since the pool at Chelsea Piers is kept at a cool 80 degrees. Walking more than a few blocks requires a cool-off stop into any over air-conditioned building or a stop for a cold beverage.

9th St Espresso, LJW

With the heatwave continuing and a big weekend of training ahead, bonk prevention is going to be key. Drink something with electrolytes (like ZICO coconut water or EFS) before you go out for a ride and bring an extra bottle on the ride. Also, bring some extra drink mix in a baggie or single serve package and plan your ride around a gas station or convenience store, or even a random coke machine (there's one of these on the Peekamoose climb!).
Anyone else have any other ideas on how to beat the heat?