Talking with Andrew Starykowicz Part II

Congrats to Andrew S. for winning last weekend's Rev3 Cedar Point Iron Distance Triathlon!  

Here's part 2 of the conversation, started just days before Andrew became an Ironman Champion:

"Last weekend I may have done something crazy, but so did these twins. They raced SOS Triathlon, a bike, run, swim, run (normally there is 2 more swims and 1 more run). The race was shortened due to flooding from Irene, but a race is a race and they went 1-2 Female with Rebeccah sweeping Laurel in all legs of the race.

Laurel - Are the guys just very intense? What do you all think of the girls? I find it interesting that triathlon is one of the few sports where men and women are so combined. We do the same course, go to the same meetings, etc."

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