Breakfast at the Olympic Marathon Trials

The Olympic Marathon Trials are this weekend!  Wondering what some of the top USA’s top runners eat the morning of the big day?  Thanks to Runner’s World’s Pre-Race Q&A's, we have an idea of what some of the contender's will eat.  

Runner’s WorldWhat's for breakfast?

Jason Lehmkuhle: I need to give myself a lot of time to digest food. I'll get up at 4:00. A PowerBar, bagel with honey, maybe half a banana. I'll take a GU an hour or thereabouts before the race.

Serena Burla: Nothing. I had bad stomach problems at New York in 2010, and I've scaled back since then. I'll eat a lot the night before, and then sip water the morning of the marathon.

Brian Olinger: Oatmeal, toast, and bananas with a little coffee. I'll be up early, about 4 a.m., with breakfast no later than 4:30.

Max KingA Hammer Bar. That's it. I don't do the coffee thing. Two hours before the race,  6:00 a.m.

Runner's World didn't ask what the runners planned to eat AFTER the race.  I'm guessing their answers may have included this: