Oats of the Week: Oatmeal Topping Bar


The Mix: Oatmeal Topping Bar 

The Story: When serving breakfast to a group of athletes, it's hard to satisfy everyone's likes and dislikes, allergies and special diets. That's why when I have friends over to watch the NYC Marathon next weekend, I'll set up a top-your-own oatmeal buffet for breakfast. We'll have all of the athlete food favorites—toasted coconut, raisins, dried cherries and figs, nuts, maple syrup, and honey, along with regular milk, cream, and almond milk. The non-breakfast eaters can sip coffee and graze on the toppings. I’ll use the overnight-soaking method so I have more time to watch the race in the morning.

The Workout: Run from Tribeca to Brooklyn to cheer marathon runners on at Mile 7. Subway back to Tribeca and welcome friends into my apartment to watch the finish on the big screen.  

The Instructions: Follow McCann's Quick Soak Method. I allow one ½ cup of dry oats per person, thinking it’s better to have leftovers than hungry guests. Using that theory for the toppings, I allow at least 2 tablespoon of each dried fruit and nut per person and generally set out a jars of honey and maple syrup and pitchers of the milks. Before the marathon, I’ll take the oatmeal out of the fridge to let it warm up a bit. I’ll also set out the toppings, bowls, and utensils. All I’ll have to do when I walk in the door is make coffee and warm the oats.