TG week pic: lots of guests = lots of glassware

I recently read this article in the T New York Times Style magazine.  It reminded me of a lot of my grandmother's collection of various auction-purchased glassware.  She amassed a large collection of stemmed and stemless glass of all vintages...but you can be sure none of them had "seams in the glass".  This, I remember her telling me, was a sign of the cheap stuff.  As far as I can tell though, these were all probably inexpensive since they were purchased at a lot in an auction!  But, I've got to hand it to her, turns out she was way ahead of her time in "tabletop" decor.  

Oh, and don't think these glasses get stored on a shelf (or in a trailer - that's another story).  They get used.  Heavily.  Especially at Thanksgiving when up to 40 hungry and thirsty people (some of whom have done a turkey trot) descend on a small farmhouse.  

Athlete Style/Food wants to will you decorate your table?