Athlete Style Christmas Tree

This post from last year is definitely worth revisiting, especially since we have a year's worth of finisher medals ready to be turned into ornaments. I just put the Half Full Triathlon's crab shaped medal on the tree--my favorite. Are you turning any of your favorite medals into ornaments this year? Which ones??

Dec. 2011

I only have a few ornaments—these irresistibly adorable bikes I found at a pop-up Christmas shop a few years ago and a handful of glass orbs from a market in Kona that I bought long before I even dreamed of racing there. So, when I started designing my tree last weekend, I quickly realized that the decorations were going to look sparse if I didn't get creative. That's when it dawned on me: what about that box of finisher medals that's been in my closet (the ones I know I should pitch, but just can't part with)? After an hour of crafting and reminiscing about the sweat and tears that went into each medal, I had a fully decorated Christmas tree. It’s pure Athlete Style. Here’s how to try it yourself.  Good Luck!  -Bec