New Year's Eve Pear Cranberry Seltzer

This year I won't be toasting the New Year with champagne. Instead, we're gong to sip this bubbly, festive and alcohol-free drink as we continue to lay low and wait for the baby's arrival (about 2-3 weeks?!). I came up with this fruit flavored seltzer after we received a big box of Harry & David's pears as a holiday gift. 

If I was in the city, I'd pick up a baguette from Amy's Bread and stop by Lucy's Whey for help picking out a perfectly paired cheese. Since I'm in the country, and it is snowing, a chunk of aged cheddar cheese and some dried figs should be a good substitute. 

As much as I love this homemade soda, I can't help but think it would make a better cocktail. Since mixing drinks is not my area of expertise and I'm not exactly able to experiment right now, I'll leave that up you guys. Let us know what you come up with! --Bec

Pear Cranberry Seltzer

1 pear

1 cup cranberries

1 liter chilled seltzer

serves 2-4


Juice pear and cranberries in juicer. 

Divide juice between glasses. For a stronger pear flavor, divide between 2 glasses. For a lighter flavor, divide into 4 servings. 

Fill glasses to the top with seltzer.