11 Snack Ideas from our Readers

Working out later?  Need something to snack on now?  How about one of these from our Athlete Food readers:

  • Peanut butter & agave on whole wheat bread
  • Greek yogurt with Grape Nuts mixed into the container
  • Brendan Braziers Banana cocoa pudding
  • Puffed millet cereal added to the Wassner Twins' Power Snack (pb/maple/coco)
  • Strong coffee & a piece of toast with honey
  • Oatmeal + peanut butter + banana with maybe raisins, walnuts & cinnamon
  • A huge glass of milk 
  • Frozen cherries, Vahlrona cocoa powder, whole flaxseeds, and Ronnybrook chocolate milk
  • Apple cinnamon rice cakes with jam and almond butter on one, and honey and almond butter on the other
  • A spoon of Nutella
  • Sticky rice + chia seeds + sea salt + cinnamon