Cervelo P5



















 We spent the day yesterday at the Endurance Sports Expo outside of Philadelphia. If you're wondering what this is, imagine giant pre-race expo--without the race.  Just about every sort of triathlon or fitness related gear vendor had a booth and triathletes were free to roam around without the thought of completing 140.6 miles hanging over their heads.  

Laurel and I spent the day with the Cervelo crew (including the engineer who designed these fast bikes), and watched as people stared in awe at Cervelo's latest time trial bike, the P5 (as seen with us above).  We also got to meet fellow Cervelo athlete and track cycling Olympian Bobby Lea.  He's off to Argentina to finish collecting points for his second Olympics.  We are also at the event to participate in 2 panel discussions. Joining us on the panels were all-star cyclists Brian & Dana Walton (she's back!), Phily pros Heather Leggi & Laurie Hug, and former pro Todd Wiley.  My favorite question of the day:  is there sibling rivalry between you and Laurel?? Haha. Anyone know the answer to that one?