Foto Friday: Summer days

Summer is here, school is out and I don't know about you but I'm longing for a lazy day on the porch.  Both of these pictures remind me of my grandparent's farm.  Family members I'm sure will agree.  However, the triathletes out there know that this is the time for some serious training - especially if you are doing an ironman.  Tomorrow I have 7 hours planned...then hopefully some time to relax and smell the flowers.

The picture on the left is all the way from Japan via @yocca and the peaceful black and white image is from photographer Jennifer Causey .  I thought the bright saturation of the hydrangeas and the muted stillness of the plates and glass created a juxtopostion of the perfect summer relaxing afternoon - preferably viewed from a hammock!  

Train hard triathletes! And everyone else, relax hard for us!