Rudy Project Aviators

About 99% of my time outside you will find me with my Rudy Project sunglasses on (the 1% is when I frustratingly forget them and don't feel like going back up to my apartment to get them).  They can be on my face, on top of my head, tucked into my bike helmet, etc., etc. I have gotten the comment a few times recently "You're ALWAYS wearing those sunglasses." (they are the Ability wraparound style and I have three pairs so they are not always the same ones btw!).  Fortunately, our sunglasses and helmet sponsor Rudy Project aslo has casual sunglasses.  I ordered these aviators (guess I'm trying to be as fast as triathlete Jesse Thomas) so I'd have a stylish option.  I won't race in them though- I'm not that cool! But, I will add them to the mix for wearing around they city.  My decision was further validatied when I got this morning's Barney's newsletter featuring a very similar pair.  Check out this link if you are interested in getting a pair.