Snack Time: Smashed Sweet Potato with Coconut Oil and Walnuts

The Snack: Smashed baked sweet potato topped with coconut oil and walnuts

How: Bake a small sweet potato in the microwave: wash the potato and poke it with a fork several times. Wrap a paper towel around it and put it in the microwave on high for 6 minutes. If you have a super powerful microwave like mine, the potato might be done at this point. If it's still firm, put it back in for 3-4 minutes. Let it cool for 2-3 minutes. Split the potato and, leaving the skin on, mash the insides with a fork. Top with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a heaping tablespoon of chopped walnuts.

When: I eat it between workouts when I don't have time to digest a full meal. I like to eat this about an hour before a bike ride or swim.