Starlight Children's Foundation 12 Days of Giving

We've teamed up with the Starlight Children's Foundation this holiday season. Through their 12 Days of Giving program, we're helping fullfill holiday wishes of hundreds of kids in hospitals.

We like this program because it allows people to donate items directly to kids in need.

Here's how it works: Kids who are sick and in the hospital make a wish list. Then, Starlight puts these wishes on a website where people like us (and maybe you too!) can purchase them. Around the holidays, they get sent directly to the kids in the hospital.

Since Philadelphia is one of our favorite race destinations and a special place for us, we chose to support a hospital located there - the St. Christopher's Hospital for Children.

Check out what the kid's have asked for on the St. Christopher's wish list. The items are mostly little things, like play-doh and dvd's, that will make a big difference. Then just click a gift and purchase through the site.

Thanks for reading and please share with your friends and family. It's pretty bad to be sick during the holidays so we hope you'll join us in making things a bit better for some of the kids at St. Christopher's in Philly.

--The Athlete Moms