Tucson Training Camp 2013

Laurel checked out of New York for a few weeks to attend coach Cliff English's training camp in Tucson and I'm really missing her daily visits. Yesterday we caught up and she filled me in on her workouts, her new training partners and the latest happenings in the desert. Later that night, she sent me these pictures, saying something about how pretty the trails and moutains are.  

Sure the desert landscapes are beautiful, but I couldn't get over the BODY! Laurel probably won't be thrilled to see these photos on the internet, but I'm posting these pictures for those of us who aspire to be this strong and powerful (and to have abs like that!). 

I've spent the last year injured and then pregnant. To be honest, I'm scrawny and weak right now. But I'm also just about ten days away from starting a comeback and definitely need some motivation. 

So I've saved these images on my phone and bookmarked this page. Every time I start stress-eating my way through a chocolate bar or consider skipping a workout because I feel tired, I am going to look at these pictures. 

It'll be my little trick to stay on track. What tricks do you use to stay inspired?