Sweet Relish Care Package

When you have a baby, the UPS truck comes every day, sometimes twice a day. Amy has received the most generous and adorable gifts from all over the world. But today, I actually got a package! The girls over at the shopping website Sweet Relish sent me a care package full of products for a new athlete mom. Here's what was inside: 

1. Citruszinger water bottle - This is perfect for making sparking grapefruit juice and for infusing plain ZICO coconut water with lemon. 

2. Moji massager - This will be a new fixture in my race travel bag. It's a small, but mighty handheld massager that provides instant relief for the legs.

3. Go Key holder - How did the Sweet Relish girls know I desperately needed this? My phone was recently smashed due to a keychain/phone/dog leash/stroller juggling fiasco. Now I'll keep my key in this silicon wristband.

4. Brush on Block Mineral sunscreen - Triathletes can't get enough sunscreen. Especially ones that are waterproof and easy to apply. 

5. Cablz sunglasses holder - This is kind of like a revamped Croakie that's adjustable and lower profile. I'll use this the next time I go paddling so that my Rudy Projects don't go swimming!

As a thank you, I shared with the Sweet Relishers my favorite training and cooking products. If you'd like to see them you can visit my page on the Sweet Relish website.