Instagram #Contest: Win a Rudy Project Helmet

Lately I've become fascinated by the Instagram hashtag.  I guess it's the photo researcher in me that can spend an hour just looking at random people's pictures for one that stands out.  

Searching the hashtag #bulldogs (one of my favorites) yields over 360,000 photos. And searching #triathlon turns up over 100,000 triathlon related pics. There are post-workout garmin shots, mouth watering healthy meals, and plenty of ripped body selfies. 

Bec and I decided this would be the perfect way to host a contest and Rudy Project decided to sponsor it. We would love our fans and followers around the globe to show us the different places you ride your bikes.  A beautiful mountain in Switzerland? Spin class? A clown bike on the sand? Whatever, wherever we want to see! 

To enter the contest all you have to do is hashtag your Instagram picture with #athletestyle #rudyprojectna. If you want to caption or tag your location, go right ahead. 

Post as many photos as you want by August 1, 2013. The winner will be sent a new Rudy Project Kontact helmet and will be featured on our website. I will pick the finalists and then have the winner chosen by our outside photo consultant, a member of the Men's Health photo staff.

Start 'gramming!!


ps: here's an example from Bec's instagram account. In this case, it's the bike, not the location that could make her a finalist in the contest (if she was elligible). 

#whereiride #athletestyle #rudyprojectna