Oats of the Week: Early Morning Glory

a bowl of oats to warm up a dark, rainy morning.

The Mix: purely elizabeth Ancient Grain Hot Cereal with carrots, currants, toasted coconut and sliced almonds.

The Story: We usually stock up on groceries on our way to the country for the weekend. On Friday night we drove right past Trader Joe’s and sped to New Paltz in time for Amy’s “bath, bottle, bed” nightly routine. Saturday morning, our fridge was mostly empty, so our car snack (a bag of carrots) was used to add a fresh element to breakfast. I can't take credit for this idea, inspiration came from this Cookie & Kate blog post.

The Workout: 90 minute indoor bike trainer workout, completed during Amy’s morning nap. The workout was intense, with a main set of 4 x 7 minutes building to race pace, followed by sprints.

The Instructions: Follow the directions on the back of the purely elizabeth Ancient Grain Hot Cereal package, doubling the amount of water and cereal. Add 1 cup of grated carrots and ¼ cup of currants to the pot when adding the cereal. Season with cinnamon and a large pinch of sea salt. Top with toasted coconut and sliced almonds.