Athlete Food: Dessert Not Dessert

As much as I love ice cream, my favorite dessert has always been fresh fruit. It’s what we had for dessert every night growing up. Our dad would go to three grocery stores searching for the freshest fruit he could find and always kept the house stocked with oranges, melons or whatever was in season.

So when I was emailing with a friend the other day about healthy desserts ideas, fruit immediately came to mind. During these winter months, sweet Satsuma oranges are in season, and a few of those make a quick, easy dessert. Another fruity favorite is this citrus berry platter. It's so easy to make: buy one of every kind of orange at the store (cara cara, blood, navel, etc.), cut the peels off, slice and arrange on a plate. Top with a few blackberries and you have a dessert that's just as satisfying as it is pretty.