Father's Day Fruit Salad

My dad’s signature dish is fruit salad. He makes a big bowl of it for every family gathering. It's always the most popular item on the table and there are never any leftovers.

After a long day of babysitting and racing at Eagleman 70.3.When it comes to fruit, my dad has high standards. He grew up in my grandfather’s grocery store in Brooklyn, and as a result he has an innate sense of picking out the freshest fruit.

He’ll go to three different stores to track down his fruit. He individually selects the juiciest apricots, the sweetest melons, and pineapple that tastes like it came from a roadside stand in Hawaii. If he comes home with a bag of cherries, every last one is perfectly crisp, no soft or rotten ones to pick through.

I won’t be spending father’s day with my dad this year (we spent all of last weekend together – he watched Amy during my half ironman!), but I will be making a fruit salad. I plan on serving it with yogurt as a healthy dessert option. Happy Father's Day!  --Bec


Father's Day Fruit Salad

What to Buy

Fruit: Go for quality and variety. Choose a selection of the fruit that looks the best.

Yogurt: A large container. Since it’s a holiday, splurge on something locally made, full-fat and luxuriously thick and creamy, like Wallaby Vanilla Bean.

How To

Cut the fruit in uniform pieces and don’t mix it up. I keep each fruit separate, either by using a sectioned platter or in a large, flat bowl. That way the picky people can take the fruit they like, and not fuss when an unloved fruit comes along for the ride. It cuts down on waste and stays fresher. Serve with yogurt.