Philly Tri - Another podium!

Another podium!  The Philadelphia Triathlon (Philly Tri) is one of my top two favorite days of the year.  It is a great atmosphere, with a nearly hometown crowd and a challenging yet fast course.  This year with all of the schedule changes I was forced to train through this race.  Not my ideal situation but I also was sick all week so figured that would sort of stand in as a taper?  I had no idea what to expect on race day but figured if I just did my thing and didn't make any mistakes then I'd do fine.  

That is pretty much what happened.  The swim was a very easy pace, in hindsight way too easy as my competition was 1-2 minutes ahead of me!  I got on my bike and rode hard and got into 4th place and stayed there throughout the ride.  I was way off my times from prior years but still in contention for a podium.  I ran hard until I got into a solid 3rd and realizing that 2nd would take a heroic, draining and almost impossible effort I eased off the pace in order not to trash myself for my next race.  The result was that my legs felt great at the end of the race and afterwards.  I even ran up and down the Art Musuem steps a few times.  

I'm happy with my finish, but it would have been nice to have a race with Bec.  Our times (despite her penalty) were really evenly matched.  We will have to wait for the next one where hopefully we will be faster!

So now I have 2 4ths, and 2 3rds.  I hope this trend continues...

Thank you to everyone in Philly for the support and for the cheers!