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Athlete Food has expanded and now has it's very own website. Please check  for the latest healthy fueling ideas, quick nutrient-dense recipes or if you're just wondering what it's like to eat like an athlete

What is Athlete Food?

Athlete food is a collection of recipes for active people, created by athletes and designed for the inner athlete in all of us. We all wish we could eat whatever we want, whenever we want. But eating a breakfast burrito before a morning spin class or a BLT before a tennis match or skipping lunch before a mom and me swim class…none of these things make us feel our best. Believe us, we’ve been there. With over 10 years of competing behind us, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out what foods work and which leave us wondering, "Why did I eat that?"

We started this blog, along with our good friend and food writer, Melissa, to share our experiences with fueling an active lifestyle. Our friends and family wanted to know: What do you eat before a workout? How do you refuel? How do you fit cooking into your jam-packed schedules? The short answer is REAL food – not just boiled chicken breasts and packaged energy bars – and a lot of it! Take a look at our recipes and you’ll see that we indulge in sweets, we experiment with the latest superfoods, and we pack as many nutrients as we can into our healthy dinners.