Bec: Checking in at 26 Weeks

It’s been six weeks since my last workout. It was a run along the coast in Maui and at 20 weeks pregnant it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Everything hurt, not all at once, but in that way pain cycles through different body parts when you are on the run leg of a half ironman. I pushed through the run without stopping and all of my aches had subsided when I got back. I told myself, if this is what running while pregnant is going to feel like, that’s fine. It’s good practice for next season when you’ll be back on the race course. 

But what I didn’t know is that the very next day, my doctor was going to order me to do NO EXERCISE other than brisk walking. I wanted to point out that brisk walking doesn’t count as exercise for me, but instead I picked up my backpack full my running gear and silently walked out. That post-20 week check-up run in Central Park wasn’t going to happen. And neither was the swim I had planned later in the day. Or the bike trainer session to test out my new pedals.

At this point, I’ve lost track of all the missed workouts. The focus now is on being healthy and staying symptom-free from the condition that’s put me in this position: placenta previa. It’s potentially, very, very bad for mom and baby if something goes wrong. Being told you need to be 30 minutes from a hospital at all times, well, that’s scared me off from the workouts I wanted to sneak in while no one was looking. 

Brisk walking has yet to cause me to break a sweat, but I’m doing two and sometimes three-a-days with the 1.5 mile stroll to and from Amy’s new preschool. I’m also talking cooking classes, working on Athlete Food, and preparing to be on one of my favorite tv shows (sorry, can’t talk about it). There’s a chance I’ll be able to sweat again after my next doctor visit on November 2, but if not it’ll be after baby boy arrives (early January). 

Thanks for reading,