Baby #2 is on the Way!

Amy will have a little sister or brother sometime around New Year's 2016. I've had a few weeks to let it sink it, but this news came as a BIG surprise. It also came just as I was getting back into my racing groove thanks starting up with Cliff English's training plan again. My fitness gains did not go completely to waste, I raced Mighty Montauk anyway, managing a winning performances even though I backed off 5k into the run. 

I must admit that I am disappointed to have to cut the rest of the season short and miss my two favorite races - the Philadelphia Tri and the NYC Tri. But I'm way more excited to be able to give Amy what she wants more than anything, and that's a baby (at age 2 she is baby obsessed). And SJ is through the roof with excitement about being a dad again. 

My plan is to stay as fit as I can for as long as I can, with the goal of returning to racing next summer.