XRCEL Contest Winner

The winner for our Best of 2015 photo contest, sponsored by XRCEL, is Leigh Gerson!  Congrats Leigh and thank you ALL for submitting photos of your best athletic moments of 2015.  We loved seeing all of the photos and the moments they captured.  We looked for photos with good technical quality, emotion and that told a story.  This picture of Leigh running in a road race (is it the Toronto Half Marathon?) shows joy, love for running and sharing that excitement with others.  Exactly why we all do this crazy training and racing, right?  

With so many great photos, from all over the world and across various sports, it was hard to choose just one winner.  We had some beautiful post-race embraces, a celebrity chef photobomb and a picture of a teacher (BFF Maren) who trained a group of girls to run a 5k. Thank you all for submitting these wonderful pictures.  We made a slideshow of our top 10, which can be viewed HERE.  Pretty inspiring if you as us!

Thank you to XRCEL for sponsoring this contest and thanks again for all of you for entering.  Stay tuned for the next one.

Happy New Year!

--Laurel and Bec