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Adventure race photos by Vladimir Bukalo

Yesterday Bec sent me the link to the race photos from SJ's most recent Adventure race.  Most of the time I just take a quick look at the pictures from the brightroom, finisherpix, etc type of photography that races provide.  It is usually a) very poor quality b) overpriced and, more often than not, c) the photographer has managed to capture the most unflattering, ugliest expression and running form I could imagine and would hope never to see.  This is also known as, and coined by Maren (one of my BFFs), The Ugly Race Photo.  

So, when Bec sent me the link, I almost erased it.  But, she mentioned they were "really good" and the same photographer took pictures at the DC Triathlon, Vladimir Bukalo.  I went to the link and was sucked in.  That's rare, especially because there were no pictures of me (sorry but that's the reason anyone every looks at an archive of race photos), and only two people that I know.  However, just by scrolling through the photos it quickly felt that I was flipping through a magazine.  The pictures are not only vivid and fun to look at, but they are full of life, action and a recognizable story of the day (and night) of the race.  I was impressed, and I picked out a few of my favorites to share.  Doesn't adventure racing look like fun?  (Except for the fact that everyone is bundled up).

If I were hiring a photographer for a race, Vladimir would definitely get a call from me! --Laurel 



Reader Comments (1)

These are great! Definitely no Ugly Race Photos here.

October 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaren

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