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photo friday: bananas and blue angels

For today's Instagram photo Friday we have @athletefood scrumptious mound of bananas drizzled with honey - a familiar in between workout meal for our triathlete readers.  It is amazingly sharp and well composed and I love how you can see a little bit of New York Superfood chia peanut butter popping through.  My one critique to athletefood, would be next time keep all the bananas in focus with just the ones in the back and the one that fell off the bagel blurry.  Nice work!  

The second photo I selected is of two Blue Angels flying over Lake Ponchartrain and was taken by Sarah (@sarahpiamiano) in New Orleans. I like the simplicity, the placement of the planes and the sun flaring into the photo.  Also, it reminded me of our cousin-in-law Erik who is a Navy fighter pilot and is on deployment right now.  So, good luck to Sarah this weekend in the NOLA 70.3 and Crissy- we are thinking of you!!

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for the tips and GOOD LUCK Sarah!! -Bec

April 20, 2012 | Registered CommenterWassner Twins

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