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Rev3 Maine- 5th place

Rev3 Maine race report

 After a disappointing race in Wisconsin, with more bike issues, I am happy to report that I didn’t have any mechanical problems this time and was 5th at Rev3 Maine.  I really tried to get to the bottom of why two of my races were ruined by a rubbing front brake.  I was told some explanations like: my skewer was loose, or my brake cables were too long and what hit me hardest – user error.  I did my best to make sure I wouldn’t have that problem. This time used a different front wheel and didn’t have any problems.

 The swim in Maine was a beach start into 62 degree water.  I got to wear my ROKA wetsuit which feels like I’m not even in a wetsuit and kept me warm.  Unfortunately, I got a bit lost in the shuffle and instead of leading the swim I was behind not knowing which way was up.  Still trying to figure out if we went off course and how I got so far behind, but I ended up 1:40 down from Radka who I swam with in the last race.  That’s a big amount of time! 

 I got onto my bike and set about trying to catch up.  I wanted to really focus for an hour so I wouldn’t be “the only person who can’t manage to ride an hour without something happening”.  I actually passed Bec but she came storming around me and eventually dropped out of sight after 20 miles.  I lost a bit of time in the final miles and came into transition in 7th place.  I moved passed Bec into 5th at about 4 miles and then just ran enough to maintain my position knowing that 4th was way ahead and I have another race (Hy-Vee) this weekend.

After this race I have moved into 4th in the Rev3 series and I’m looking to improve upon that in Branson and Florida.  It was a fun venue and it’s cool to see another part of the country- I have now visited 4 new places in my last 4 races!  Bec and I have really enjoyed the cultural differences, local food and meeting new people during our travels.  This time our parents came with us and we even went to the local racetrack to see a trotters race. 

Rev3 put on another great race.  If you haven’t been to a Rev3 race, just think of an m-dot race but with a happy, more relaxed, fun vibe.  They allow dogs and babies in the transition area too!

Thank you to my sponsors and supporters:  Nike, Cervelo, Zico, NYAC, First Endurance, Rudy Project, ROKA and ISM.  I'm so grateful and you guys make me fast!!

In other exciting news, our tv show is airing next week.  Will follow up with the details.

Thanks for all the cheers!



Race Report: Bec on Rev3 Maine

Photos by Eric Wynn for www.triathlete.comThis is the first race in my comeback that I’m not satisfied with. The venue was perfect, the race organization was flawless and the weather was ideal. I finished 8th place in a very competitive race. But my performance was totally flat. I went through the motions, but lacked the spark needed to do something great. Looking back, I took on too much non-race focused stuff leading up to the race. It was hard not to – just this week I turned the corner back into normal energy levels. Anyone who’s gone through this can relate: while pregnant all of your energy is zapped for months on end. Then you have the baby and what little energy you have goes right into taking care of a newborn. Eventually you start coming around and have start having some good, productive days. And finally, one day you feel like Superwoman. This energy overload hit me this week (7 long months post-baby, thank you very much) – nothing hurt, I was working out three times a day, running around doing lots of non-race stuff and checking things off my to do list that had been there forever. I’ve realized that I’m still human and that resting, both physically and mentally, going into a race is key. This shows that I’m out of practice! As I look back on the race, it turns out there are a bunch of other lessons I need to relearn now that I’m back to racing.

The swim  What I’m most annoyed by was the way I swam and the way I wasn’t able to recover from it. The race was a beach start and I wasn’t aggressive running into the water. This is how I broke my toe last February and I only done this once since then. By the time I started swimming I was lost in the shuffle and it took me awhile to figure out where the leaders were. I was several yards back and wasn’t even sure where the course was and weather we were on it. When I got out of the water, I had no idea what place I was in, especially since at that point we were mixed up with athletes from the half ironman race and with pro guys that we caught up to. Then there was a long run out of transition which caused me to lose time to the people who were in front of me (turns out there were a bunch).  REMINDER: Take charge in the swim and be aware of your surroundings. 

The Bike  One thing I need to work on is going hard on the bike from the start. It helps in these things to go out hard, catch up to the group ahead of you and then maybe back off the pace a little. It took me a few minutes to get going and I actually got passed by three people at the beginning of the bike, one of them being Laurel. Once I got going, I broke away and tried to catch whoever was in front of me (I still had no idea who was out there). I rode by myself for several miles, passing by Lauren G., who was on the side of the road waiting out a penalty. At about mile 18, Lauren caught up to me and we rode the rest of the way almost side by side. There was some unintentional close riding (ie, against the rules), which made me very, very nervous because I didn’t want to be the next one to serve a penalty. REMINDER: Get the bike and go HARD!

The Run  I finished the bike in 4th place, about 1 minute down from the leaders. Unfortunately, I wasn’t about to hold this position and got passed by 3 people. Nothing was clicking. Like I mentioned earlier, it just felt flat. Blah. Not moving fast at all and my back hurt. This baffles me because I’m running pain-free and I’m lighter than I’ll ever be (which is also baffling and due to no effort on my part). When I got home from the race, I explained to SJ that I was disappointed by this and he casually reminded me that I’ve only run one mile under six minute pace, so how did I expect to run a 10k at that pace. He’s always good for telling me like it is. And he’s right. I’ve just hit my weekly mileage high this week – all of 23 miles. Even though I got passed in the last half mile by 2 people, I finished strong and carried Amy across the finish line. REMINDER: even if you start the run hurting, keep pushing.

It takes a lot of nerve to enter a race full of fit women gearing up for the championship season. I was definitely outclassed yesterday and it was an honor just to stand on the podium (holding Amy!) with these fast ladies. And I’m going to give myself some credit for at least being a factor in the race for part of it. Not getting the best out of myself doesn’t make me feel good, but it does get me fired up for the next opportunity. That’ll be at in Branson, Missouri on September 22.



Athlete Moms: 7 Months and Baby Proofing

Amy's Official Seven Month PortraitAnyone who's ever been to our house knows that it wasn't designed to be baby proof. It has dangerous traps around every corner, including concrete floors everywhere. We thought we'd have a little more time to "soften" up the house, but at seven months, Amy is already very active. She's been crawling for a few weeks, climbs up on furniture and is starting to work on standing on her own. With walking not too far away we knew we had to do something. This week we covered the floor of her (future) bedroom with wall-to-wall carpeting. As hard as it was to say goodbye to the beautiful floors, we actually like the way the carpet looks. And Amy, she can't get enough of it.

Here's how the room looked before:

Art by Mary Louise O'Connell and Peter Mars.


Tomorrow we are packing up the car and heading north to Old Orchard Beach Maine for the Rev3 Triathlon. Stay tuned for updates from Maine.



Rev3 Wisconsin Finisher Photo

One of the perks of participating in a Rev3 Triathlon is that every finisher gets a FREE finisher photo after the race. For "away" races when the entourage isn't able to make it to the finishline, this is a great service. During my finish at Rev3 Wisconsin Dells, the photographer was busy capturing a shot of 3rd place finisher Radka Vodickova giving a post-race interview, but in the background you can see me sneaking into 6th place. As you can see from my face, I was as happy as if I had won the race!

If you race in Wisconsin or any other Rev3 race, click here to check out your photos


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Athlete Food: Simple Tomato and Basil Salad

One of the best things about summer in New Paltz is that the produce is so fresh that little has to be done to turn fresh picked veggies into a meal. Take this simple tomato and basil salad, for example. All you have to do is slice a few heirloom tomatoes and toss a handful of sungold gold tomatoes and fresh basil leaves on a plate. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and you’ve got the perfect BBQ side dish.

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Athlete Moms: Track Session

Today I took the crew to the SUNY New Paltz track for my first real track workout. I worked on my 10k running pace while Amy perfected her track start. For those of you interested in my workout, this is what I did: 1600/1200/800/4x400/4x200, with under a minute rest between each interval. Each lap was at about 89 seconds per 400. That means I ran a 5:56 mile! My first post-baby sub 6 minute mile. Yes, it did take me 6.5 months to get there, but it's *only* been 3.5 months since I took my first (very slow) steps after baby and surgery. If my next race feels as comfortable as that workout, I'll be running for the podium! --Bec


Race Report: Rev3 Wisconsin Dells

Running through an aid station. Nike, NYAC, ZICO, Cervelo, Team Fight.Photo From by Eric WynnI finished 6th at the Rev3 Wisconsin Dells Olympic Distance Triathlon, but there were several firsts involved in this race:


-First time I'd packed my bike in my bike travel bag in about a year and a half (I actually hadn't  even laid eyes on it and didn't realize it had been through a flood - ick)
-First time I'd been on a plane since last September 

-First time I was racing feeling confident about finishing

And, most significantly,

-This was my first trip away from Amy. We've been quite the couple for the last 6 months and it was hard to leave her behind.

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Triathlon Training in New Paltz - Inside Triathlon Magazine

Butterville Road, New Paltz, NY

Laurel and I recently contributed to a story on training in New Paltz for Inside Triathlon Magazine. Laurel took photos while she was visiting after the Rev3 Quassy Triathlon and together we came up with ideas for places to train, places to eat, and places to stay in town.

The article is in the Road to Kona September/October 2013 issue which is now on newsstands. Here's how it looks (click on the photo to enlarge):

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