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Road Food: DIY Instant Oat Mix: Hemp Seed and Blueberry

As I prepped for last month’s Philadelphia Triathlon, my first triathlon in over a year, I fretted about what to put in my transition bag, whether my wetsuit would still fit, and what to eat for breakfast in the hotel room.

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ZICO-NYC Triathlon Google+ Hangout 

All of your New York City Triathlon questions answered! Today 6pm EST we'll be live streaming from the Google offices in NYC and LA, talking all things triathlon. To join in, RSVP to the Google+ Hangout and you will be sent a reminder and details. Also, check out ZICO's Facebook page for more information and send any questions you'd like answered to ZICO's twitter

If you aren't familiar with Google+ Hangouts (which we weren't until last Friday!), it's like face timing or skyping 6 of your friends at once. You can watch live or check out the Hangout later, once it's posted to ZICO's you tube page



Athlete Food: Maple Curry Salad Dressing


In the summertime, eating a salad before dinner is a necessity. First of all, it’s just too hot to stand over a stove, even to sauté a pan of zucchini. Secondly, we get so much lettuce and kale from our weekly CSA that we have to keep eating salad just to make room in our refrigerator for milk.

The only way I can get away with serving my husband salad every night, is to change up the dressings. Lately, I’ve been making my mother-in-law, Frances’, signature curry salad dressing. When she moved from her home of 50 years to a condo this spring, she generously passed her old kitchen gear, including her recipe box, to me. In the box I found the handwritten card for this tangy dressing.

The original recipe came from one of her old neighbors in Toronto's Humber Valley Village neighborhood. I adapted the recipe slightly, adding turmeric and swapping in maple syrup for white sugar. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties—something athletes can always use—and maple syrup adds flavor, not just sweetness to the dressing

Frances always has a jar of this salad dressing in her refrigerator. She serves it on a simple green salad, usually just lettuce portioned in individual salad bowls, with dinner. Every time I eat at Frances’ table I promise myself I’ll keep a jar of this salad dressing in the fridge. I imagine myself dipping string beans and small tomatoes in it as a light midday snack. It’s too tasty to reserve for just dinner. —Bec

Maple Curry Salad Dressing

Makes about 1/3 cup

3 tablespoons sunflower oil (or another mild oil, other than olive oil)

3 tablespoons cider vinegar

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard (preferably with seeds)

1 tablespoon good quality maple syrup (like Crown Maple Syrup)

1 teaspoon curry powder

½ teaspoon turmeric

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon coriander

Put all ingredients except oil in a jar and give it a few firm shakes. Add the oil and shake some more. 


Purely Summer 

Every now and then I come across a magazine that I feel like I could move right into. Sweet Paul, Anna Magazine...and now there's Purely Summer from the talented and creative ladies behind purely elizabeth foods. Click on the above photo to read the magazine and prepare to get sucked in by exercise and beauty tips, recipes and lots and lots of pretty pictures.


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Amy at 5 Months


We've spent a good part of the last year trying to figure out when things were going to happen. It started with, when am I going to tell people about the baby? (not until the very last second). Then it was when am I going to start showing? (at about 5 months) and when am I going to have to stop running? (at about 20 weeks). Next, when is the baby going to come? (not until her due date, and even then she had to be forcibly removed), when is Amy going to start really smiling? (at about 2 months), and when is she going to sleep through the night (never??). Another question we can check off the list is when is she going to start sitting up? 5 months, which according to is just about average. So, experienced parents, what can we expect next??? 


4th at Philly Tri, 4th at 5i50 St. Louis

I'm just getting home after a long trip to 3 different cities where I raced, moved, and raced again.  It was a long 7 days, but I came away with two 4th place finishes, earned some points for Hy-Vee, got to spend some quality time with my mom and dad and sisters and got to watch Amy's first swimming lesson!

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Happy Trails

If there's anything I've learned from getting back to running shape after having a baby, it's the art of embracing change. Whether it's accepting the fact that my body is different, or that my "routine" is allover the map, or that I've lost anything remotely resembling speed, things shift both mentally and physically post-baby.

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Philly Tri Race Report: Bec 

Yesterday, the day Amy turned five months, I returned to the world of professional triathlon after an 18 month break. I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming environment to jump back into racing than the Philly Triathlon. Everyone one was so supportive and even though I didn't win the race, the fans made me feel like I was their champion. 

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